A Golden State of Mind

One of the NBA's true statesman, we spent the day with Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors talking about how he found his own style on his own terms.

Words by Good Counsel

If there’s anything worth getting used to, it’s winning. Andre Iguodala, 6’6” small-forward for the Golden State Warriors, NBA Finals MVP, tech investor, and fashion ace continues to notch W’s irrespective of the competitive setting.

“I remember seeing my father in a suit at a young age—and I didn’t see him on a daily basis—but seeing him in a suit… you kinda have a different feeling of yourself, being dressed in that manner and I feel different….”

Around when the NBA elected to institute a league-wide dress code in October of 2005, fellow players would tell Iguodala his pants “weren’t baggy enough.” A kind of catch-all acknowledging Andre’s more deliberate, measured approach, his style ran counter to the streetwear that dominated off-court at the time. While the menswear climate in today’s League is a fine balance of those hybrid influences —tailored and streetwear—Iguodala has always felt at home on his own, embracing the kind of questions and careful study required to dress well for his frame: the right sleeve length and taper in the body for dress shirts; the right wash, taper in the leg, and degree of distress for denim or trousers.

“That’s when I also knew I had a different sense of style… I figured out I was different but I was comfortable in my skin… and I was comfortable in the way I dressed no matter what anybody said.”

Of irreplaceable value on court as a do-it-all, swiss army knife for the National Basketball Association’s most electrifying team, what makes Andre a standout beyond his myriad skills is his ability to find is own comfort zone within a team of other high-wattage stars like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

Win-lose-or-draw, Andre Iguodala is always dressed for the part—and because of luck of his own making—you can bet he’s usually coming out on top. Winning, it turns out, is a state of mind that embraces everything he does.